CET Group | Paint, Ink, Fine Chemicals
Engineer, Engineering, Geelong, CET Group, Innovation, Compliance INDUSTRIES. CET Group provides value to many industries through our wide range of skills and experience. SERVICES. CET Group can work on specific tasks or run the whole job for you. Check out the services we can offer. PROJECTS. CET Group has worked on varied projects in both scale and product. Click to see our most recent projects. Innovation. Finding innovative solutions to problems is what puts CET Group above the rest. Engineering. Providing precise and calculated results based on experience, evidence and engineering principals. Compliance. Following national, regional and company standards to achieve safe and efficient outcomes.
Engineer, Engineering, Geelong, CET Group, Innovation, Compliance
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Paint, Ink, Fine Chemicals

CET Group has extensive experience, from design to handover, of a range
of fine chemical processes , plants factories and facilities.

These include Paints, Inks, Resins, API’s and the like including:

  • Tanker Unloading ( liquid and Powder);
  • Bulk Storage and Tank farms for Aqueous Latex Solutions, Thickeners and Solvents (Combustible and Flammable);
  • Minor Storage for solvents, thickeners surfactants, antifoams , biocides , dispersants;
  • Automated Delivery Systems for for large and small volumes , Slurries , Fast and fine control Additions;
  • DIspersion Systems;
  • Pigging systems for Millbase slurries, Paint, Chemicals and Wash Waters;
  • Bulk Automated Powder delivery systems;
  • Bulk Bag Powder Addition Systems;
  • Sanitary Gas Systems;
  • Minor Powder handling;
  • Mixing;
  • Heating & Cooling Systems;
  • Filtration Systems (Bag, screen, self cleaning);
  • CIP System For piping, tanks, mixers, filters, hoppers;
  • Product delivery system with PID Flow controllers for accurate volumetric delivery;
  • Looped Process Water Systems for pressure control and hygiene;
  • Effluent Collection & Treatment  systems- automatic neutralization and clarification of waste streams  to make suitable to return to council sewer systems;
  • Hygienic design solutions for each process unit;
  • Chemical Zoning and Planning – adhering to Australian Standards AS1940, AS3780, AS3833, AS4681 and AS/NZ 60079;
  • Process Modelling of each product ingredient, process  step ,
    delivery , mixing, dispersion, and SKU to guarantee full scale targets
    can be achieved;
  • CAD Modelling, Co-ordination clashing checking of all disciplines to expedite construction;
  • Products inventory process control , Batch sequencing using SAP , MES ,Batch and SCADA Solutions;