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Engineer, Engineering, Geelong, CET Group, Innovation, Compliance
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With a foundation of over 20 years experience, CET Group has a broad range of skills in the containment industry. Work by the principals of the company include:

  • Authored the “analysis of containment” paper which set the bench mark for design of facilities with respect to leakage rates. This work is referenced in Australian Standard AS2243.3 Appendix G5 ;
  • Being involved in the design and construction phases of PC2, 3 & 4 facilities including AAHL. AAHL is a 5 Level (6300m²) microbiological containment complex that houses a large range of animals and is capable of operating at the highest bio-security level, PC4 with zoonotic, endemic, and exotic agents;
  • Biocontainment engineering representative on a committee comprising local and international specialists that review the operations and modifications proposed at the high level containment facility, AAHL.


The range of services on offer at CET Group covers concept design through to full validation and compliance for all aspects of a facility including:

  • Facility design and layouts covering personnel, materials, samples and waste flows;
  • Air handling systems covering decontamination & segregation;
  • Waste treatment plants;
  • Detailed drawings and site supervision to ensure all penetrations meet leak rate criteria including HVAC, lighting, power, service doors and drains;
  • Specification and supervision of the integration of barriers into the building fabric by doors, autoclaves and pass through cabinets;
  • Typical services with proven safety provisions for N2, O2, CO2, Natural Gas, compressed air, and vacuum;
  • Vented drainage systems and mechanical services.

CET Group has experience with and a practical understanding of the various Australian codes, OGTR & AQIS guidelines, WHO standards, Canadian and American containment codes.