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Engineer, Engineering, Geelong, CET Group, Innovation, Compliance
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CET Group has dealt with chemical systems for numerous clients with varied requirements, such as:

Large Chemical Storage
– For supplying multiple chemicals to a whole site requiring varying doses of chemicals

Small Chemical Storage
– For supplying chemicals for particular process or equipment

Chemical Sampling Systems
– For ensuring the quality of chemicals in a safe manner

Chemical collection systems
– For collection of site wide chemicals for treatment

Chemical Neutralisation Systems
– For automatic neutralisation of multiple chemicals to make it safe to return to council sewer systems

Sanitary Gases Systems
 – For blanketing product and additions for CIP Hazardous

Chemical Zoning and Planning
– By adhering to Australian Standards AS1940, AS3780, AS3833, AS4681 and AS/NZ 60079 while minimising space and cost.